WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast: New Update (July, 21st)

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A brand new update is available for the popular SEO Plugin for WordPress by Yoast. It contains many new features, like a Dashboard widget and better Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) integration.

The most comprehensive Yoast Update

Normally, you would expect some minor changes or one bigger change together with some smaller bug fixes. But this update from end of July 2015 comes with a lot of features that would be enough for two or threee new versions or even enough to bring out a new plugin. By the way: This is the second update within quite a short time.

Not to forget the many bugfixes (eight of them), which you have not been waiting for, I bet. The SEO plugin itself is regarded as stable and sort of bug-free. Although I have noticed some minor issues with sitemaps. There were some entries that the Google Webmaster Tools complained about, so you had to remove those elements in question from the sitemap in the WordPress configuration.

New features in the SEO plugin

One really cool feature is the integration with the GWT (formerly Google Search Console). In the SEO menu you can see some nice statistics after authenticating the plugin to fetch data from Google. The Yoast plugin shows the erroneous links that where detected by the Google crawler. In the Pro version you even can fix those errors from within the WordPress webmaster area. Hee is a screenshot:

Yoast Update
Yoast Search Console View

Another nice gimmick is the display of the SEO score Yoast determines for the posts in your blog. You remember those greedn, yellow and red circles that indicate how good the focus keyword is matched. You now find a small widget-like stats in the main dashboard:

Yoast SEO stats
WordPress dashboard with SEO stats

In case you enabled breadcrumbs for your theme, you can now customize those with the Yoast panel for breadcrumbs.


In the change log there are several enhancements listed, that are actually neither features nor bugs. They contain a renaming from WordPress SEO by Yoast into Yoast SEO, which is much easier to catch.

In case your blog still has the default site tagline “just another WordPress site”, you get a warning message displayed.

The list view for posts and pages is cleaned up a bit by only showing the SEO score initially and hiding other less important details. Some typos have been fixed for the US version. A link to the Yoast knowledge base has been added.

Bug Fixes in the Yoast Update

Two bug fixes concern the sitemap features, as statet above. This one really was necessary. Another fix regards nested breadcrumbs and archive paginations. Less important seems some correction for the newsletter link. Two other fixes are about editing the configuration and one is about a formerly wrong separator after import/export (I could not figure out exactly what they mean with that).

It has also been taken care of that the SEO plugin remains compatible with different versions of the Google Analytics plugin, also delivered by Yoast. As I have both extensions in use, I will soon see if the mechanisms in place will do their job as claimed.

Awaiting future enhancements

What I personally would love to see is a LSI feature or a WDF*IDF like mechanism in place to get rid of the stupid keyword density nobody is really caring anymore about! Yoast, please do us and yourself a favor and bring such feature, or you will be made obsolete by other cool SEO plugins out there…

In case you need a turial for the SEO Plugin by Yoast , I can recommend you an article about using that WordPress plugin with all it possibilities.

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