Win a personalized SEO Audit for your Website

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Please read this article and win a free personalized SEO Audit from the SEO Agency IT Logic from Germany. Your Website will be checked for optimization potentials. Included in the price is a keyword analysis as well as a check of your competitors.

Gewinnspiel SEO Audit

Update: Just some few hours after starting the competition there a several participants (for some of them we removed the comments and kept them private as they requested – which is OK). Wish you a lot of success and happy ranking  🙂

Win a personalized SEO Audit

Almost any website has the potential to be optimized to be better found in search engines and gain a higher ranking. We draw a SEO Audit for the winning website. SEO stands for search engine optimization, we explain that because we hope that the price will hopefully go to a website that really needs online marketing and which did not invest that much in it.

Please read below in order to get the message how to win.

Webhosting inkl. Homepagebaukasten!

The price is a quite extensive analysis and a reporting that helps gain better visibility and relevance of the website. This is done by the SEO agency IT Logic from Germany. A short personal chat before the analysis is executed is possible as well.

The company IT Logic already gained some success in optimizing websites, among these are some quick wins which lead to a SERP 10 place within under a week. And that being done in a competitive market!

Deadline for the competition is Juni, 30th of 2015, excluding the jurisdiction of a court law.

Content Checking

For one post respectively a single HTML page an extensive check of the content will be executed. It includes recommendations for improving the content towards a relevant focus keyword and rank significantly higher for that keyword (assuming that the page is not already ranking within the top 10). Additionally, similar keywords will be mentioned that gain the potential for optimizations. Not enough with that, the report includes relevant terms that may be useful in better marketing the site!

OnPage Analysis

From a search engine’s point of view, the website will be analyzed technically. Based on this the winner will receive valuable feedback how to get to a higher position in Google’s result pages with little effort. Part of that is a mobile friendly check as well as a page speed verification, as the latter became a quality sign to Google in the last time.

Competition Check

After a content examination has been performed, the page is also processed to find out more about possible competitors. This activity includes reporting the URLs of the competitors, the density of competition and the amount of searches per month.

Social Media Validation

How well is the domain rooted in social media and what is necessary to gain an effect with little ffort? Answering these questions is one aim of the report the winner receives.

Further SEO recommendations

As far as some quick wins are not yet realized, the winner gets a list with cost-free means to increase the trust of his or her website and to improve the visibility of the web presence in general.

You don’t have to pay anything in case you get the price. Naturally this seem logic, but we mention it to draw a line to unserious offers!

Search Engines Optimization
SEO Audit zu gewinnen

This is how you can win

Just write a comment to this post and consider the following:

  • Please mention the URL of your website to be optimized
  • Enter your Name
  • Give your mail address, which will only be used to contact you in case you win. Your mail will not be made public!
  • In your comment your website and mail will not be displayed. In case you want your URL displayed, please write it in the comment box as well.
  • In case that you win we will inform you via mail. You need to answer within 3 weeks in order to claim the price.
  • Paying out the price or converting the price is not possible. You may also not demand an amendment after receiving the reporting and analysis, but we promise to do the best can offer 🙂
  • Excluded from taking part are employees of IT Logic, their relatives and current or previous customers.

Your data will not be forwarded to third parties, we will only store them internally. Your data will be removed from our system after the competition.

Wish you success,
Klaus Meffert for the Website SEO Blog

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