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10 SEO Quick Tips: Become an online superhero

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Pushing your website in the search results of Google and Bing begins with some basics. For sophomores here are some extended tricks to improve your site’s performance.

seo quick tips

10 SEO Quick Tips

For getting successful online first stick to some simple rules, before diving into the more complicated stuff. Here are ten easy to follow quick tips that make your website more valuable and relevant to search engines and readers.

Verified Authorship

Connect your post with a profile of yourself and interlink your profile with a verified Google+ profile for your person or company. This increases the trust Google credits to your site and will boost your ranking a bit. Add a photo of your person to the authorship section to make the post look more individually. Readers will love to see who the author of the text is. Try to either add your author information on the sidebar left or right to the article or at the bottom of the post.

Build up content

Pick a subject, write an article and add a couple of similar articles to it. Finding similar keywords is easy: Just Google for the term you prefer and used in your main text and look on the bottom of the search engine results page to see related terms to use. Write an article for each of those terms. Add pictures and videos from YouTube to your content. Interlink related articles in a clever way: Care about the anchor text of your internal backlink.

Keep your text personal

Use the singular or plural form, like I or we or our company, instead of This page is about this and this. Make the text personal in order to have the reader stick to it. Let it appear as if it came from your wish to produce the best content possible.

Use a sidebar for linking

Find out which articles are the most popular one of your blog, e.g. by using the Google Webmaster Tools. Then, select the top 5 or 8 from those posts and attach links for them on your sidebar. From time to time you should optimize those most read postings, e.g. by adding some new information or internal links.

Dates and years

In your footer include the current year next to the copyright icon and your company or brand name. Think about adding a date range like 2009 – 2015 to make your site appear more durable. In your blog posts use the date you last changed the text instead of the publishing date. Or include both of them to show how up to date your article really is.


Maybe you have some slides available. Then you can write some articles about them and include those slides with your content. You could even split up the slides to spread the content and make it appear more comprehensive.

Reworking articles

You have written a lot of articles, let’s say 30 or 40. Then you should browse through them and try to add internal links between them where it makes sense. This tightens your site structure and makes it more valuable to your reader as well as to search engines.

Add a rating option

You know these stars from Amazon. On the bottom of this page you also find some rating options to express how you liked this post (we use WP Postratings). A rating bar has some immediate advantages for your blog: At first you get a good idea which articles need improvement. The second thing is, the readers potentially stay longer on your page which increases the relevancy of your page for Google (Analytics can measure that). Third, chances are there that Google displays those stars in the search results pages, which makes your entry more attractive.

Add a poll

The two first arguments from the above section hold true for polls. They are easy to integrate in case you have WordPress. Just look for the WP Polls plugin, which is simple to use. Even more than the stars ratings the answers from the polls reveal the users wishes. So ask them what they would like to read more.

Spread the word

You have published a blog post or a new website page. Now the fun begins. Spread your link to this page on social media like Twitter, Google+ and even Pinterest. You should use images not only in your post but also for sending your URL to the social networks. Don’t wait for people that find you on Google! You may be disappointed. At least create a Bing webmaster account, too and do not rely on Google alone.

Follow these tips and become an online superstar. Producing good content is hard work that might not be rewarded directly. Keep on fighting and read some other SEO articles on our blog:-)

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WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast: New Update (July, 21st)

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A brand new update is available for the popular SEO Plugin for WordPress by Yoast. It contains many new features, like a Dashboard widget and better Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) integration.

The most comprehensive Yoast Update

Normally, you would expect some minor changes or one bigger change together with some smaller bug fixes. But this update from end of July 2015 comes with a lot of features that would be enough for two or threee new versions or even enough to bring out a new plugin. By the way: This is the second update within quite a short time.

Not to forget the many bugfixes (eight of them), which you have not been waiting for, I bet. The SEO plugin itself is regarded as stable and sort of bug-free. Although I have noticed some minor issues with sitemaps. There were some entries that the Google Webmaster Tools complained about, so you had to remove those elements in question from the sitemap in the WordPress configuration.

New features in the SEO plugin

One really cool feature is the integration with the GWT (formerly Google Search Console). In the SEO menu you can see some nice statistics after authenticating the plugin to fetch data from Google. The Yoast plugin shows the erroneous links that where detected by the Google crawler. In the Pro version you even can fix those errors from within the WordPress webmaster area. Hee is a screenshot:

Yoast Update
Yoast Search Console View

Another nice gimmick is the display of the SEO score Yoast determines for the posts in your blog. You remember those greedn, yellow and red circles that indicate how good the focus keyword is matched. You now find a small widget-like stats in the main dashboard:

Yoast SEO stats
WordPress dashboard with SEO stats

In case you enabled breadcrumbs for your theme, you can now customize those with the Yoast panel for breadcrumbs.


In the change log there are several enhancements listed, that are actually neither features nor bugs. They contain a renaming from WordPress SEO by Yoast into Yoast SEO, which is much easier to catch.

In case your blog still has the default site tagline “just another WordPress site”, you get a warning message displayed.

The list view for posts and pages is cleaned up a bit by only showing the SEO score initially and hiding other less important details. Some typos have been fixed for the US version. A link to the Yoast knowledge base has been added.

Bug Fixes in the Yoast Update

Two bug fixes concern the sitemap features, as statet above. This one really was necessary. Another fix regards nested breadcrumbs and archive paginations. Less important seems some correction for the newsletter link. Two other fixes are about editing the configuration and one is about a formerly wrong separator after import/export (I could not figure out exactly what they mean with that).

It has also been taken care of that the SEO plugin remains compatible with different versions of the Google Analytics plugin, also delivered by Yoast. As I have both extensions in use, I will soon see if the mechanisms in place will do their job as claimed.

Awaiting future enhancements

What I personally would love to see is a LSI feature or a WDF*IDF like mechanism in place to get rid of the stupid keyword density nobody is really caring anymore about! Yoast, please do us and yourself a favor and bring such feature, or you will be made obsolete by other cool SEO plugins out there…

In case you need a turial for the SEO Plugin by Yoast , I can recommend you an article about using that WordPress plugin with all it possibilities.

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WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast: New Update (July, 21st): 1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne 5,00 von 5 Punkten, basieren auf 3 abgegebenen Stimmen.
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Scrapebox Proxies List

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List of proxies for ScrapeBox and other SEO tools that rely on proxies. Harvest more search engine pages, links and keywords by using different proxies.

Scrapebox proxies list

Proxies list for tools like ScrapeBox

Using proxies has a lot of advantages, beginning with that you are keeping low profile. In case you want to scrape Google’s SERPs you also need some few proxies in place to avoid your scraper being recognized as a robot.

The follow actually is not a list of proxies, but rather a meta-list, referencing some sites that have proxy directories. Please be aware that I am not responsible for the content behind the following links nor am I responsible for the proxies mentioned there. Please do stay legal and do not use proxies to do exploits.

Searchable list

Really cool, you can filter for port, gateway, reaction time, grade of anonymity, country and availability. The page itself is multilingual. It shows up in German but you can switch the criteria by clicking on the English link. When the search result shows up after a few seconds, for each entry the uptime is given. This helps finding a working proxy in no time. On the sidebar of the website there also is a proxy checker in case you want to verify if a server is up and running.

SSL Proxies

Not ordinary servers but such which support the secure socket layer protocol (SSL). Overview as a clean list that shows up quickly after entering the site. Pagination at hands, tons of entries. Sortable for all columns, like country, port or if the proxy is capable of searching on Google! Also shows when the state was last checked. Most entries show a check time of some minutes ago which seems great!

One Minute Ago Checked

This site shows up with a number of up-to-date proxies suitable for ScrapeBox. The web site claims each proxy server was checked just a minute ago. Believe it or not. One nice feature of the site is that you can download the proxies list as a text file or in two other formats (CSV and XML). Searching the list is also possible, but sorting unfortunately is not. The website is multilingual and you can swicth between English, German and four other languages.

For a good solution, see Refurbished Cisco.

The Big Proxies List

A huge list of ScrapeBox proxies, but the last time they checked them was over a month ago. There may be some broken IP’s. You can use these for the Swiss Army Knife you googled for 😉 There are no site names or comments for the proxies given, just the internet addresses to use.

DMOZ Internet Directory

The DMOZ catalog of web pages contains some dozen links for list with free proxies around the world, including HTTP, Socks and Webproxies. Choose the sources you like and find out yourself which are most beneficial.

Update: The DMOZ service has been shut down completely in February 2017 by its owner AOL. The above link points to the static version of the listing.

Plugin for Chrome Browser

Just a mouse click away you get an overview of available servers with the Browser Plugin for Chrome. Having a refresh button, the plugin gives the opportunity to show the most recently updated servers and their stats. Get the latest working proxies and set the number of them to be shown at once in the preferences of this cool extension.

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Scrapebox Proxies List: 1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne 4,33 von 5 Punkten, basieren auf 6 abgegebenen Stimmen.
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WordPress: Display list of all posts

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This article explains how to automatically display a list of all WordPress posts on a single page. You only need to add a single source file and you are ready to go.

list of posts
Photo NCinDC

Automatically display all posts in WordPress

There are some situations where you want to have an overview of all posts you ever made in your WordPress blog. May it be issues of tightening your internal link profile or some methodic approach to social media marketing and content spreading. It may even be the case that you want to give a list of all posts to your valued readers whatever reason for.

Of course I do not suggest you to manually compile these posts from time to time. There is an automatic and really neat way to get to the goal. And it works with the newest WordPress version. Take the following source code and put it into a file named page-allposts.php. Then upload the file to your WordPress webspace and there into the directory of your active  theme. If you use Twentythirteen as I do, then copy the file to the folder /wp-content/themes/twentythirteen/ under your WordPress root directory. Here is the code:

Code to display all posts
Code to display all posts

This code is taken from the great article How to display all posts in a single page using WordPress and then adapted by me (I could not paste it in as WordPress and the Scripts used destroyed it on display). It may be necessary to do some slight adjustments regarding the layout in case you use a different theme. For that, take the existing file page.php as inspiration (same directory as above mentioned)…

After having the code in place, create a new page (not a post!) and choose All Posts as a template:

display all posts
Using the all posts template

Also you can have a page title in place as with any other ordinary page. The text from the main content you type will be shown above the automatically generated list of all WordPress posts. On ERFOLGSREZEPTE ONLINE the final result looks like this:

All Posts list
WordPress: List of all posts

You may also like to see a live view of the generated page (it seems as it only shows up if you are logged in as admin, I am still figuring out why).

As SEO expert I would like to give you one tip for the all posts page: Set the page to nofollow as this would not make any sense, except wasting the crawl budget for your site.

Have fun!

PS: In case you make some enhancements to the code I would love to hear from you!

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WordPress: Display list of all posts: 1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne 5,00 von 5 Punkten, basieren auf 3 abgegebenen Stimmen.
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WordPress: Display list of random posts

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Many blogs display related posts for an article. By adding a list of random posts below your blog post, the link profile of your site can be improved. You even do not need a plugin for that!

random post photo
Photo by Bods

Benefits of random posts

There are always some texts that do not correlate with the subject of other articles. That is the reason why they are not interlinked via similar or related content. A popular plugin that is there to build up a list of related posts for the current article is called YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin). Furthermore, having links from the top posts on your site helps only some specific referenced pages, but not the others.

In order to pull virtually any blog post into the game and into the eye of the reader, you have to enhance WordPress with some code. I for myself was unable finding a current and fully functional plugin for that purpose so I decided to go for a faster and hand-made solution.

Display random posts as list

In this very blog you can see how it looks like by scrolling down to the end of this post (in German):

Random Posts
Showing related content

This list is generated randomly and automatically for any WordPress posting. No need for a plugin which would slow down your WordPress site. You can even use the following solution in the widget area, so that the list of posts can be displayed in a sidebar, e.g.

And that’s how it works  (demonstrated on the Theme Twentythirteen, for other themes it may be necessary to do some little adaptions on the code or choose a different PHP file):

First of all, open the file named content.php via the menu  Design -> Editor and add the following lines of source code at the end of the file. But please care that the code resised within the article-Tag  (meaning </article> follows afterwards):

<h2>Further posts</h2>
$args = array( 'posts_per_page' => 4, 'orderby' => 'rand','post_type' => 'post' );
$rand_posts = get_posts( $args );
echo "<ul>";
foreach ( $rand_posts as $post ) {
<li><a href="<?php echo $post->guid; ?>"><?php echo $post->post_title; ?></a></li>
<?php }
echo "</ul>";

With this code in place, four random posts will be shown below the current post text. Each of these random entries contains the title as well as the permalink. The whole list is titled with a H2 text Further Posts, which youl can change to what you want as well as the number of the list entries. it would be even possible to show thumbnails for the random entries, but that may be getting a little complicated.

It is important to notice that the last command is wp_reset_postdata, because if you skip it, all further selections of posts on the current page will be under the influence of randomness. In case links are displayed below the content in chronological order (like previous and next post), that logic would get screwed up.

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WordPress: Display list of random posts: 1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne 5,00 von 5 Punkten, basieren auf 4 abgegebenen Stimmen.
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WordPress Fun Facts: Paniermehl is an Option

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Ever heard of Paniermehl in the context of WordPress? I assume not, but if you are from Germany then you do at least know what this word means. Strange enough, the commercial WordPress theme iRibbon Pro 2 offers this option…

Paniermehl and WordPress

The Paniermehl option

The iRibbon Pro 2 responsive WordPress theme is a commercial theme from Cyberchimps which offers a lot of options. The configuration can be done visually and even via drag and drop with the extra included template editor. The theme looks appealing and is worth every of its 40 dollars.

For a customer of mine, this theme was bought to put it in place for his website, a popular German 70th party band called Familie Hossa.

After playing a bit with the theme, I came to the numerous options iRibbon offers. Then I was quite amused and surprised at the same time when I saw this:

WordPress iRibbon Pro 2 Theme & Paniermehl

Well, the options displayed are for a single post and they include switching on and off the post title, recommended images and as an innovation Paniermehl.

What is Paniermehl on a website? Well, these funny guys from Cyperchimps translated breadcrumb to Paniermehl, which actually means breadcrumbs in German language. I wasn’t even aware of this. As an IT freak I do know a breadcrumb in terms of websites and I thought the only meaning is “small pieces of bread”. But as it turned out, and I just checked it in the dictionary, this term has quite a lot of meanings all related to cooking.

You can play around with the demo of this powerful theme if you are looking for a professional layout for your web presence. It will satisfy you and of course it passed the Google mobile friendly test. Here the confirmation in German from the Google test:

Paniermehl is mobile friendly
iRibbon pro 2 theme passes mobile friendly test

So what we have learned so far is that Paniermehl is responsive – is any professional cook aware of this? I bet they are not, so please spread the word and put Paniermehl on your headlines 😉 I for myself like the Paniermehl theme, it puts WordPress to the next level 🙂

In case you want to have some other inspirations for great themes, I recommed you my other article about WordPress themes.

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WordPress Fun Facts: Paniermehl is an Option: 1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne 4,89 von 5 Punkten, basieren auf 9 abgegebenen Stimmen.
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Win a personalized SEO Audit for your Website

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Please read this article and win a free personalized SEO Audit from the SEO Agency IT Logic from Germany. Your Website will be checked for optimization potentials. Included in the price is a keyword analysis as well as a check of your competitors.

Gewinnspiel SEO Audit

Update: Just some few hours after starting the competition there a several participants (for some of them we removed the comments and kept them private as they requested – which is OK). Wish you a lot of success and happy ranking  🙂

Win a personalized SEO Audit

Almost any website has the potential to be optimized to be better found in search engines and gain a higher ranking. We draw a SEO Audit for the winning website. SEO stands for search engine optimization, we explain that because we hope that the price will hopefully go to a website that really needs online marketing and which did not invest that much in it.

Please read below in order to get the message how to win.

Webhosting inkl. Homepagebaukasten!

The price is a quite extensive analysis and a reporting that helps gain better visibility and relevance of the website. This is done by the SEO agency IT Logic from Germany. A short personal chat before the analysis is executed is possible as well.

The company IT Logic already gained some success in optimizing websites, among these are some quick wins which lead to a SERP 10 place within under a week. And that being done in a competitive market!

Deadline for the competition is Juni, 30th of 2015, excluding the jurisdiction of a court law.

Content Checking

For one post respectively a single HTML page an extensive check of the content will be executed. It includes recommendations for improving the content towards a relevant focus keyword and rank significantly higher for that keyword (assuming that the page is not already ranking within the top 10). Additionally, similar keywords will be mentioned that gain the potential for optimizations. Not enough with that, the report includes relevant terms that may be useful in better marketing the site!

OnPage Analysis

From a search engine’s point of view, the website will be analyzed technically. Based on this the winner will receive valuable feedback how to get to a higher position in Google’s result pages with little effort. Part of that is a mobile friendly check as well as a page speed verification, as the latter became a quality sign to Google in the last time.

Competition Check

After a content examination has been performed, the page is also processed to find out more about possible competitors. This activity includes reporting the URLs of the competitors, the density of competition and the amount of searches per month.

Social Media Validation

How well is the domain rooted in social media and what is necessary to gain an effect with little ffort? Answering these questions is one aim of the report the winner receives.

Further SEO recommendations

As far as some quick wins are not yet realized, the winner gets a list with cost-free means to increase the trust of his or her website and to improve the visibility of the web presence in general.

You don’t have to pay anything in case you get the price. Naturally this seem logic, but we mention it to draw a line to unserious offers!

Search Engines Optimization
SEO Audit zu gewinnen

This is how you can win

Just write a comment to this post and consider the following:

  • Please mention the URL of your website to be optimized
  • Enter your Name
  • Give your mail address, which will only be used to contact you in case you win. Your mail will not be made public!
  • In your comment your website and mail will not be displayed. In case you want your URL displayed, please write it in the comment box as well.
  • In case that you win we will inform you via mail. You need to answer within 3 weeks in order to claim the price.
  • Paying out the price or converting the price is not possible. You may also not demand an amendment after receiving the reporting and analysis, but we promise to do the best can offer 🙂
  • Excluded from taking part are employees of IT Logic, their relatives and current or previous customers.

Your data will not be forwarded to third parties, we will only store them internally. Your data will be removed from our system after the competition.

Wish you success,
Klaus Meffert for the Website SEO Blog

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Win a personalized SEO Audit for your Website: 1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne 5,00 von 5 Punkten, basieren auf 1 abgegebenen Stimmen.

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Black Hat SEO Techniques – 10 things not to do

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Although Black Hat SEO became quite popular because of its effectiveness, it is nowadays quite dangerous or even malicious to use it unspecifically. This post explains 10 things not to do.

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO, Source:

Black Hat SEO: Don’t do this

Here comes a hitlist of 10 things you better skip when using Black Hat SEO. Ignore this list at your own risk. There are better ways to get a high ranking than using what is considered harmful!

Don’t: Invisible Text

Do not hide text by letting it have the same color as the background or by decreasing the font size to a minimum. Google detects such techniques and punished them rigorously. Better: Improve your content ot be relevant for your visitors and for search engines. Optimize it towards keywords with SEO tools.

Don’t: Spamming Blogs

For building up backlinks people often use tools to automatically post comments to public blogs. These unqualified (random) comments of course contain a link to the domain to push. Better: In specific cases, manually write some qualified comments to third-party blogs and backlink your domain or even a related article on your site.

Don’t: Keyword Stuffing

This term is used to indicate the heavy use of the same keyword phrase over and over again on a single page with the hope that Google will rank this page higher for the stuffed keyword. However, this is wrong nowadays and may be even lead to a punishment for the site. Better:Carefully choose which keyword to optimize specific sites and texts for.

Don’t: Overly link cloaking

Cloaking a link means that an external link becomes an internal link, technically. However this link still has an external target, but may not be seen as such when examining it. Better: It is OK to have some cloaked links on a single page, but do not exegerate that.

Don’t: Duplicate Content

Avoid having the same content on a single website. Also avoid having a duplication on two different sites, one virtually being a mirror site of the other. Not avoiding duplicate content may lead to serious problems with your ranking, because it can be recognized quite easily if two texts are similar or equal. Better: Write genuine content, in the simplest case reconsider what you have put onto one page and rewrite it in your own words.

Don’t: Spam Ping

This means to ping a third party domain with the hope that your ping will result in an entry of the referrer log and that this log will be automatically processed for something like a last visitors widet. Better: Use different SEO techniques that make more sense!

Don’t: Unspecific Link seeding

Do not try to get as many backlinks on as many sites as possible, no regard what these sites are about or what they domain authority is. Better: Carefully choose on which sites you seed your backlinks.

Don’t: Social Network Spam

The same quality as with link seeding: Do not try to grow too quickly at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. Better: Try to grow naturally in social media channels.

Don’t: Paid content

Do not overemphasize paid content that promises to give you high quality backlinks. Normally such content is not available on domains with high trust, because then these domains would not be trsutworthy any more. Better: If you know a friend with a high quality site, ask him if he could put an article with a backlink to your domain on his site, but do not pay a stranger.

Don’t: Revival of unregistered domains

You can revitalize shortly unregistered domains to benefit from the existing backlink structure, PageRank etc. But do not drive that too quickly. Better: In case you want to revive a domain that has been unregistered, care that you build up the content in line with the topic the domain has previously covered.

Further resources

Increase your traffic by following some advices.

German readers might be interested in the article SEO for Dummies.

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Black Hat SEO Techniques – 10 things not to do: 1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne 5,00 von 5 Punkten, basieren auf 5 abgegebenen Stimmen.

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