10 SEO Quick Tips: Become an online superhero

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Pushing your website in the search results of Google and Bing begins with some basics. For sophomores here are some extended tricks to improve your site’s performance.

seo quick tips

10 SEO Quick Tips

For getting successful online first stick to some simple rules, before diving into the more complicated stuff. Here are ten easy to follow quick tips that make your website more valuable and relevant to search engines and readers.

Verified Authorship

Connect your post with a profile of yourself and interlink your profile with a verified Google+ profile for your person or company. This increases the trust Google credits to your site and will boost your ranking a bit. Add a photo of your person to the authorship section to make the post look more individually. Readers will love to see who the author of the text is. Try to either add your author information on the sidebar left or right to the article or at the bottom of the post.

Build up content

Pick a subject, write an article and add a couple of similar articles to it. Finding similar keywords is easy: Just Google for the term you prefer and used in your main text and look on the bottom of the search engine results page to see related terms to use. Write an article for each of those terms. Add pictures and videos from YouTube to your content. Interlink related articles in a clever way: Care about the anchor text of your internal backlink.

Keep your text personal

Use the singular or plural form, like I or we or our company, instead of This page is about this and this. Make the text personal in order to have the reader stick to it. Let it appear as if it came from your wish to produce the best content possible.

Use a sidebar for linking

Find out which articles are the most popular one of your blog, e.g. by using the Google Webmaster Tools. Then, select the top 5 or 8 from those posts and attach links for them on your sidebar. From time to time you should optimize those most read postings, e.g. by adding some new information or internal links.

Dates and years

In your footer include the current year next to the copyright icon and your company or brand name. Think about adding a date range like 2009 – 2015 to make your site appear more durable. In your blog posts use the date you last changed the text instead of the publishing date. Or include both of them to show how up to date your article really is.


Maybe you have some slides available. Then you can write some articles about them and include those slides with your content. You could even split up the slides to spread the content and make it appear more comprehensive.

Reworking articles

You have written a lot of articles, let’s say 30 or 40. Then you should browse through them and try to add internal links between them where it makes sense. This tightens your site structure and makes it more valuable to your reader as well as to search engines.

Add a rating option

You know these stars from Amazon. On the bottom of this page you also find some rating options to express how you liked this post (we use WP Postratings). A rating bar has some immediate advantages for your blog: At first you get a good idea which articles need improvement. The second thing is, the readers potentially stay longer on your page which increases the relevancy of your page for Google (Analytics can measure that). Third, chances are there that Google displays those stars in the search results pages, which makes your entry more attractive.

Add a poll

The two first arguments from the above section hold true for polls. They are easy to integrate in case you have WordPress. Just look for the WP Polls plugin, which is simple to use. Even more than the stars ratings the answers from the polls reveal the users wishes. So ask them what they would like to read more.

Spread the word

You have published a blog post or a new website page. Now the fun begins. Spread your link to this page on social media like Twitter, Google+ and even Pinterest. You should use images not only in your post but also for sending your URL to the social networks. Don’t wait for people that find you on Google! You may be disappointed. At least create a Bing webmaster account, too and do not rely on Google alone.

Follow these tips and become an online superstar. Producing good content is hard work that might not be rewarded directly. Keep on fighting and read some other SEO articles on our blog:-)

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