Scrapebox Proxies List

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List of proxies for ScrapeBox and other SEO tools that rely on proxies. Harvest more search engine pages, links and keywords by using different proxies.

Scrapebox proxies list

Proxies list for tools like ScrapeBox

Using proxies has a lot of advantages, beginning with that you are keeping low profile. In case you want to scrape Google’s SERPs you also need some few proxies in place to avoid your scraper being recognized as a robot.

The follow actually is not a list of proxies, but rather a meta-list, referencing some sites that have proxy directories. Please be aware that I am not responsible for the content behind the following links nor am I responsible for the proxies mentioned there. Please do stay legal and do not use proxies to do exploits.

Searchable list

Really cool, you can filter for port, gateway, reaction time, grade of anonymity, country and availability. The page itself is multilingual. It shows up in German but you can switch the criteria by clicking on the English link. When the search result shows up after a few seconds, for each entry the uptime is given. This helps finding a working proxy in no time. On the sidebar of the website there also is a proxy checker in case you want to verify if a server is up and running.

SSL Proxies

Not ordinary servers but such which support the secure socket layer protocol (SSL). Overview as a clean list that shows up quickly after entering the site. Pagination at hands, tons of entries. Sortable for all columns, like country, port or if the proxy is capable of searching on Google! Also shows when the state was last checked. Most entries show a check time of some minutes ago which seems great!

One Minute Ago Checked

This site shows up with a number of up-to-date proxies suitable for ScrapeBox. The web site claims each proxy server was checked just a minute ago. Believe it or not. One nice feature of the site is that you can download the proxies list as a text file or in two other formats (CSV and XML). Searching the list is also possible, but sorting unfortunately is not. The website is multilingual and you can swicth between English, German and four other languages.

For a good solution, see Refurbished Cisco.

The Big Proxies List

A huge list of ScrapeBox proxies, but the last time they checked them was over a month ago. There may be some broken IP’s. You can use these for the Swiss Army Knife you googled for 😉 There are no site names or comments for the proxies given, just the internet addresses to use.

DMOZ Internet Directory

The DMOZ catalog of web pages contains some dozen links for list with free proxies around the world, including HTTP, Socks and Webproxies. Choose the sources you like and find out yourself which are most beneficial.

Update: The DMOZ service has been shut down completely in February 2017 by its owner AOL. The above link points to the static version of the listing.

Plugin for Chrome Browser

Just a mouse click away you get an overview of available servers with the Browser Plugin for Chrome. Having a refresh button, the plugin gives the opportunity to show the most recently updated servers and their stats. Get the latest working proxies and set the number of them to be shown at once in the preferences of this cool extension.

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