WordPress Fun Facts: Paniermehl is an Option

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Ever heard of Paniermehl in the context of WordPress? I assume not, but if you are from Germany then you do at least know what this word means. Strange enough, the commercial WordPress theme iRibbon Pro 2 offers this option…

Paniermehl and WordPress

The Paniermehl option

The iRibbon Pro 2 responsive WordPress theme is a commercial theme from Cyberchimps which offers a lot of options. The configuration can be done visually and even via drag and drop with the extra included template editor. The theme looks appealing and is worth every of its 40 dollars.

For a customer of mine, this theme was bought to put it in place for his website, a popular German 70th party band called Familie Hossa.

After playing a bit with the theme, I came to the numerous options iRibbon offers. Then I was quite amused and surprised at the same time when I saw this:

WordPress iRibbon Pro 2 Theme & Paniermehl

Well, the options displayed are for a single post and they include switching on and off the post title, recommended images and as an innovation Paniermehl.

What is Paniermehl on a website? Well, these funny guys from Cyperchimps translated breadcrumb to Paniermehl, which actually means breadcrumbs in German language. I wasn’t even aware of this. As an IT freak I do know a breadcrumb in terms of websites and I thought the only meaning is “small pieces of bread”. But as it turned out, and I just checked it in the dictionary, this term has quite a lot of meanings all related to cooking.

You can play around with the demo of this powerful theme if you are looking for a professional layout for your web presence. It will satisfy you and of course it passed the Google mobile friendly test. Here the confirmation in German from the Google test:

Paniermehl is mobile friendly
iRibbon pro 2 theme passes mobile friendly test

So what we have learned so far is that Paniermehl is responsive – is any professional cook aware of this? I bet they are not, so please spread the word and put Paniermehl on your headlines 😉 I for myself like the Paniermehl theme, it puts WordPress to the next level 🙂

In case you want to have some other inspirations for great themes, I recommed you my other article about WordPress themes.

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