Black Hat SEO Techniques – 10 things not to do

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Although Black Hat SEO became quite popular because of its effectiveness, it is nowadays quite dangerous or even malicious to use it unspecifically. This post explains 10 things not to do.

Black Hat SEO
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Black Hat SEO: Don’t do this

Here comes a hitlist of 10 things you better skip when using Black Hat SEO. Ignore this list at your own risk. There are better ways to get a high ranking than using what is considered harmful!

Don’t: Invisible Text

Do not hide text by letting it have the same color as the background or by decreasing the font size to a minimum. Google detects such techniques and punished them rigorously. Better: Improve your content ot be relevant for your visitors and for search engines. Optimize it towards keywords with SEO tools.

Don’t: Spamming Blogs

For building up backlinks people often use tools to automatically post comments to public blogs. These unqualified (random) comments of course contain a link to the domain to push. Better: In specific cases, manually write some qualified comments to third-party blogs and backlink your domain or even a related article on your site.

Don’t: Keyword Stuffing

This term is used to indicate the heavy use of the same keyword phrase over and over again on a single page with the hope that Google will rank this page higher for the stuffed keyword. However, this is wrong nowadays and may be even lead to a punishment for the site. Better:Carefully choose which keyword to optimize specific sites and texts for.

Don’t: Overly link cloaking

Cloaking a link means that an external link becomes an internal link, technically. However this link still has an external target, but may not be seen as such when examining it. Better: It is OK to have some cloaked links on a single page, but do not exegerate that.

Don’t: Duplicate Content

Avoid having the same content on a single website. Also avoid having a duplication on two different sites, one virtually being a mirror site of the other. Not avoiding duplicate content may lead to serious problems with your ranking, because it can be recognized quite easily if two texts are similar or equal. Better: Write genuine content, in the simplest case reconsider what you have put onto one page and rewrite it in your own words.

Don’t: Spam Ping

This means to ping a third party domain with the hope that your ping will result in an entry of the referrer log and that this log will be automatically processed for something like a last visitors widet. Better: Use different SEO techniques that make more sense!

Don’t: Unspecific Link seeding

Do not try to get as many backlinks on as many sites as possible, no regard what these sites are about or what they domain authority is. Better: Carefully choose on which sites you seed your backlinks.

Don’t: Social Network Spam

The same quality as with link seeding: Do not try to grow too quickly at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. Better: Try to grow naturally in social media channels.

Don’t: Paid content

Do not overemphasize paid content that promises to give you high quality backlinks. Normally such content is not available on domains with high trust, because then these domains would not be trsutworthy any more. Better: If you know a friend with a high quality site, ask him if he could put an article with a backlink to your domain on his site, but do not pay a stranger.

Don’t: Revival of unregistered domains

You can revitalize shortly unregistered domains to benefit from the existing backlink structure, PageRank etc. But do not drive that too quickly. Better: In case you want to revive a domain that has been unregistered, care that you build up the content in line with the topic the domain has previously covered.

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